SwimFast Lessons

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Parents/Guardians of Swim Lesson Participants

Self-Disclosure of Health Status

I will disclose to the SwimFast Swim Lessons Director (or his/her appointed supervisor) if my child is ill with a public health illness such as gastrointestinal illness (acute vomiting and/or diarrhea) Once I disclose my child's public health illness he/she will stay out of the Cabrini pool until two weeks after my child's last symptom-free day. I understand that if my child should vomit or release fecal matter into the pool, my child will not be allowed back into the pool for the remainder of the session. This self-disclosure will be in effect for the entire swim lesson season from May 15-July 21, 2023.

I understand that if it is determined that my child cannot continue due to a public health illness before the end of the first Wednesday of my two week period, I will be refunded a prorated amount of $200, total tuition minus nonrefundable registration fee of $150, for the remainder of the two-week session. After the end of class on that first Wednesday, I understand that there will be no pro-rated refunds of any kind unless I have made my intention of pulling my child from lessons via email to swimfastlessons@gmail.com before the close of my child’s lesson that day.I further understand that if Cabrini Pool needs to be closed for a day for any reason during the two week period, and if that time can’t be recovered by lengthening the remaining classes, that the missed class will be conducted on the next, consecutive Saturday at the regular time. There will not be a further refund or make-up beyond that Saturday if I am unable to participate.

As a condition of my child's participation in the above listed activity, I agree to the stated self-disclosure requirements as well as the procedure for partial refunds and make-ups as described above.


Waiver Form:

I wish to participate in the SwimFast Lesson Program. I am informed that the activities are conducted by individuals who may be University employees or who may volunteer their services to the program. I recognize that risk of accident and/or injury are possible consequences of participation in any activity, and that no amount of reasonable instruction and supervision will prevent every and all type of injury. I also realize and understand that severe injuries are possible. I appreciate the character of the risks involved and I voluntarily assume all risk of injury. I have carefully considered how the possible consequences of injury may impact my life, and choose to accept this risk and to participate in the designated activities. In accepting this risk, I expressly and explicitly release, discharge and waive any and all responsibility of SwimFast LLC and Cabrini and the employees, officials or agents of any and all of the foregoing, pertaining or related to, or arising from, in any manner, injuries to my person as a result of participation in this activity.

Authorization to consent to medical treatment for a minor child:

I state that I am the natural parent and/or have legal custody of registered child. I authorize Coach Cindy Ikeler, (camp director) or her designee to consent to any examination, anesthetic, x-ray, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and/or hospital care to be rendered to this minor under the general conditions of special supervision and on the advice of any physician or surgeon licensed to practice when efforts to contact me are unsuccessful.

Media materials: In addition I waive all claims to pictures or video taken of the lessons in progress for instructional materials, advertising, or profit.


**NOTICE: ALL 2-5 YEAR OLDS MUST WEAR WATER DIAPERS (actually 2 pair for the 2’s and 3’s). This is regardless of skill level and it is a safeguard against waterborne illness. 5 and unders who come to lessons without the above will be returned to their parents (this situation is NOT eligible for refund other than the conditions stated above in the partial refund policy). This is also in the Waiver Information signed off on before registration is complete.

In addition to disposal water diapers try the re-usable insert-type for lessons here, then remove the insert and just use the suit once they’re finished lessons and are off at other pools that don’t require it. If you’re having trouble finding larger sizes, just google water diapers for special needs—plenty of larger options. Please, please, please don’t assume that your “potty trained” 4 or 5 year old is exempt—no one is exempt. We’re in the business of keeping your youngsters safe—both in the water and from the water.

            Remember, I don't need absorbency, just containment, but they can’t be porous. Just make sure there’s a good, tight fit around the thighs and waist. We need to keep clean up, in case of a mis-hap, in the bathroom, not the pool. We just can't do the job if we’re clearing the pool for clean up.

Suggestions in communicating with your youngster:

·      Don’t call them diapers! They’re swim lesson “water pants” that are required at this pool only.

·      “This is what you wear at lessons—nowhere else.”

·      “Babies wear diapers; these are swim pants.”

This is absolutely required by all 2,3,4&5 year olds—regardless of potty training experience—absolutely no exceptions. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in keeping the water clean and safe.

Additionally: The second time a cleanup needs to be done outside the pool with the same individual, and/or the first time a cleanup needs to be done inside the pool in relation to solid waste is criteria for immediate dismissal from the program without refund. Remember, you attested that they were potty trained. And this would apply to the remainder of the season. If a dismissal is necessary and the child is signed up for an additional two-week session, that future session would be refunded in full.The pre-requisite for this program, as parents sign off on with the waiver information, is 30 months old and potty trained.

Refund Policy and Change of Sessions (also in general information)

Once registration has been logged, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $150. If a child is withdrawn from lessons at any time and for any reason, including illness or injury, from the initial registration until the end of the assigned class session on the first Wednesday, $200 will be refunded. By the end of that first Wednesday's class, we will need an e-mail from the parent or guardian. Absent that e-mail to the swimfastlessons@gmail.com address, the books close on that session at the end of the first Wednesday’s class. After that point there will be no partial refunds of any kind. Please note: injury or illness after that first Wednesday cut-off will NOT yield a refund, and we don’t do make-ups. These are very small classes, offered at the specific times you register for. We’ll be here throughout; you just need to make as many of the ten lessons as possible. All classes will be full—there’s NO WAY to do make-ups. This policy is firm. Please don’t ask for refunds past the deadline above, and if you miss a class, please don’t ask for make-ups.If you want to CHANGE your session and/or time before it begins, to another, open class, there is no charge. But there is a deadline. E-mail the program director, Coach Rudisill, swimfastlessons@gmail.com, and give your child's name, session and skill level, and that that you wish to change to, and he will e-mail you back once the change has been made. This must be done before noon on the Wednesday preceding the start of the session you originally registered for. We do not offer make-up lessons or partial credits for missed lessons, unless for some reason we need to cancel lessons ourselves. In this instance a canceled lesson will be given at the same time but on the first Saturday following cancellation (if a small amount of “lost” time cannot be made up by lengthening remaining classes until you’re whole).​​